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Additional services


The Wedding Books

We create wedding handmade books of the highest quality! They become family's value because color reproduction of photos and durability of materials are essential components of our product. Guarantee on the safety of the colors of our books is up to 40 years! Due to this fact, your children and grandchildren will again and again review the photo book, reliving the touching emotions of your wedding!


Family photo shooting

Photo project "The Family Time" is created for families who want to capture the uniqueness of their families, to make portraits of the highest quality of all its members and also joint portraits. This project is organized by a great team of professionals: the organizer, stylists, makeup artists, designers, assistants, cameramen and photographer. We develop a unique concept and select a special place for shooting. You only need to visit this place specially created for you.


Air video filming

We can proudly say that The Wedemotions is the leader in air video filming market in Russia - we are shooting from the air for more than five years! Our extensive experience and the latest technical equipment allow us to achieve amazing results in every project!


The Birth of The child

The Wedemotions also makes the family photos and videos. We are proud to present the movie "Alexander Tretyak" which became a sequel of Natalia's and Andrew's story which began on 25th of June 2013.


The Family video

The Family video is not just a memory, but a real adventure for all members of your family! Imagine: you can make up the most incredible concepts and arrange filming anywhere in the world! Also, the family video is a great gift for your parents, friends or even yourself!


Promo videos

We also shoot promotional videos, advertising, concerts and much more. We are glad to introduce the promo video of the remarkable cover-band "The Party Rock Band". We tried to convey in our video everything that the music means to the participants of the group and what it looks like - to receive and give energy to the audience! The concert was filmed partly at the Summer Palace during the wedding and the rest was shot in the studio. The music used in the video is recorded at the live performance. Enjoy watching! Съемка, монтаж - Виктор Иванов


The corporation's events shooting

In addition to wedding filming our team realizes the shooting and production for corporate events, as well as presentations, conferences and other events which are not associated with weddings.